Maison Margiela & Vintage Levis 501

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Vintage denim, LEVIS // Leather boots, MAISON MARGIELA // Turtleneck, ENZA COSTA // Western style belt, CATCHLOVE COLLECTIVE

When the big freeze comes along each year, I always set out on an epic quest for the perfect boot. Needless to say I have found it and then some with this little MAISON MARGIELA number. The shape – bordering on a modernised 60’s style, make this accessory a standout that will help me dress up my warmer clothing this winter and many more to come. Fuck the winter weather, I will be donning these until the end of the world and the zombie apocalypse subsequently knocks out mankind.

Anyways, besides the fact that I have in fact found the perfect boot, they look amazing with my newly found VINTAGE LEVIS 501. While vintage shopping in Melbourne I came across this pair of beautifully crafted denim. While they were like 6 sizes to big, I loved the wash and the style. I had them taken in, in way to many places than should be necessary when buying a pair of jeans and now they are just right!

So lesson for today – When you pair MAISON MARGIELA, VINTAGE DENIM, COWBOYESQUE ACCESSORIES and of course A TURTLENECK, the result is utter magic.

I leave you with the famous words of Kanye West:

“What’s that jacket….. MARGIELA”


Saffire at Freycinet, Tasmania

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After an amazing night at Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, I didn’t know how the next place on our vacation could possibly top it. I WAS DEAD WRONG. Upon arriving to Saffire in Freycinet, we were showed around the grounds of the hotel and immediately offered champagne (after 4 hours of driving with my parents and Adam in a car, I definitely need it). So this place basically had me at the champagne glasses. Our suites for the two nights were on another level of luxury. The views from our bedroom windows were unbelievable and more importantly they wined and dined us at all hours of the day anywhere we wanted. I could have probably been down in the bush and they still would have brought me freshly shucked oysters and a bottle of bubbles… definitely my kind of place. While the attire of the two nights was semi casual, I still wanted to rock my new favourite pair of high-waisted demi-flares from the Alexa Chung for AG Jeans collection. I have been feeling more in a bohemian/parisian mood lately and I thought that pairing these with my linen white Enza Costa shirt and pointed-toe Acne Studio boots would be an outfit perfect for my current style choice.