Maison Margiela & Vintage Levis 501

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Vintage denim, LEVIS // Leather boots, MAISON MARGIELA // Turtleneck, ENZA COSTA // Western style belt, CATCHLOVE COLLECTIVE

When the big freeze comes along each year, I always set out on an epic quest for the perfect boot. Needless to say I have found it and then some with this little MAISON MARGIELA number. The shape – bordering on a modernised 60’s style, make this accessory a standout that will help me dress up my warmer clothing this winter and many more to come. Fuck the winter weather, I will be donning these until the end of the world and the zombie apocalypse subsequently knocks out mankind.

Anyways, besides the fact that I have in fact found the perfect boot, they look amazing with my newly found VINTAGE LEVISĀ 501. While vintage shopping in Melbourne I came across this pair of beautifully crafted denim. While they were like 6 sizes to big, I loved the wash and the style. I had them taken in, in way to many places than should be necessary when buying a pair of jeans and now they are just right!

So lesson for today – When you pair MAISON MARGIELA, VINTAGE DENIM, COWBOYESQUE ACCESSORIES and of course A TURTLENECK, the result is utter magic.

I leave you with the famous words of Kanye West:

“What’s that jacket….. MARGIELA”


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