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Turtleneck dress, ACNE STUDIOS // Leather boots, CELINE (similar) // White flares, JBRAND // Angora sweater, SCANLAN & THEODORE (similar) // Leather loafers, TODS

Since I’ve moved to Australia, I haven’t really maintained a strong night life due to my busy schedule of school and work. I went out from time to time if there were birthday parties or events, but I am definitely not a every night of the weekend, every week kind of girl (like my ASU days). Now that I have recently graduated from UQ and have a bit more free time on my hands, I have been trying to make an effort to go out more often. I worked in nightlife and on top of that had my fair share of night time activities during my time at ASU so now I don’t particularly love going out unless it’s with some of my amazing friends and/or partner – and of course the place has to be worth getting ready for (Food is always an awesome way to encourage me to get ready).

When getting ready, I sometimes drink wine (or I love a good cider) – but more importantly than that I have to be comfortable and relaxed. I hate being rushed so even if it takes me 30 minutes to get ready if it’s going to be a big night and I need to look on point, I will still allow myself an hour just so I can take my time and go at my own pace. Another ESSENTIAL factor of getting ready and really just my life in general is having candles burning. Since I was young, I have always had candles in the house and it really just settles any anxiety for me and makes any space I am in feel like home. When I am getting ready it’s one of the only few moments I have in my life that I can truly enjoy being a woman and have the opportunity to reflect on myself – and I mean not just in the mirror. Being a not so girly-girl these moment are even less frequent for me. I might say I hate getting ready sometimes, cause I definitely do, but by the end of hanging around my room with my dog and getting ready with some wine and some dim candles – I always feel so much more relaxed and ready for what ever the night holds.

One of the few things that I truly do despise about getting ready is the process of washing my hair and then having to do my hair (blow dry, straighten, etc) before I get ready. I RARELY DO THIS. I will usually plan out when I am going to wash my hair – whether thats in the morning or the night before, I will do anything to avoid the blow dryer and then putting on make up (especially in the summer – no bueno). This breaks the first rule of getting ready for me – which is being comfortable. And trust me, I get so easily hot that the second I turn on the blowdryer, I would feel like I have been immediately transported to Death Valley.  So like every other night, tonight I washed my hair in the morning and then let it air dry the whole day. I usually rinse off with an ugly hair net or just my hair up before I start getting ready and then put on lotion. Again referencing back to the fact that I easily reach a heightened body heat of 105 degrees with no effort, I tend to get ready either naked or in underwear. For the sake of all my readers eyes I decided to throw on some pieces of clothing to increase the modesty of this post.

When going out the goal of my make up is to look fresh faced but also almost like my skin is wet and dewy. For this effect I start by putting a primer all over my face. Then I mix a combination of Bobbi Brown liquid foundation, Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser and Mac Strobe Cream. The strobe cream isn’t tinted but it’s this amazing luminous lotion that adds a subtle highlighting and glowing effect to my foundation. I then cover up any blemishes I have with my MAC concealer stick. I apply either the same concealer or I have loved using my NARS luminous concealer under my eyes in a triangle, down the bridge of my nose and a tiny bit under my eyebrows. I apply a little bit of bronzer under my cheekbones and around my face to create a subtle contour effect (I never go full Kardashian) and then apply my MAC Blush Powder in Dame on the apples of my cheeks and brush on MAC Mineralize skin finish in Soft & Gentle on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose and under my eyebrows. I also love putting the mineralise skin finish on the inner corners of my eye.

Whenever I go out my eye makeup has to be either really minimal (as it is everyday), I usually only wear mascara OR I love to go a bit more dramatic in a rock n’ roll , french, I didn’t mean to look like this kind of way. Since tonight I was going to a cocktail party I wanted to go for a bit more of the amped up version of my eye make up. I first start by rubbing a mixture of light gold, pink and brown/gold eyeshadow on my eyes. I use all Bobbi Brown eye shadows. I then put MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil around the top of my eye and my water line and blend. I blend sporadically so it gets that “this just happened” look as well as a subtle “this might be my make up from last night”. The MAC eye pencil I have is AMAZING because it allows you to smudge it but it still stays on so well, even in the waterline! When I am blending the eyeliner on my watermark I try and blend it out toward the lower part of the eye so it really gets that smokey look also.

Since dying my hair a platinum blonde, brows are one of my most essential arts. I use my Hourglass Eyebrow pencil and then finish them with a gel to hold them in place and make them look really thick and blown out.

Right before I go out I spray on heaps of my Chloe perfume and of course deodorant – you never know how much of a sweat I am going to work up dancing the night away.

My dress tonight is a ribbed turtleneck dress by Acne Studios. It goes a little bit past my knees but really gives me a chic and sexy look. I love that something so subtle in its shape can really deliver a sexy understated look. When picking my outfits, if I am wearing something sexy, it either has to be easy or I have to pair it back with something that doesn’t have so much va-va-voom. I know, you wouldn’t believe it, but I am a modest girl (at times). I paired it with my Celine boots – because what doesn’t look good with a little bit of Celine (similar here). And Voilá! My outfit is sorted.

Now off to have a few bubbles and Vodka Sodas. Then subsequently ending the night eating pizza in my room with my boyfriend. But don’t all good nights end with eating pizza?


Natasha Schweitzer & Catch Love Collective

1 2 3




Recently the talented and beautiful human beings that are Natasha Schweitzer and Catch Love Collective launched their amazing Fall/Winter 2015 lines. I had the pleasure of attending their super fun launch party.

It was really a great night! It was so good seeing my wonderful friends launch such amazing lines.

On the night of the event, I was decked out in pieces from both amazing lines. The amazing Florence Blouse from Catch Love Collective is the perfect blend of classic style, luxury and comfort. It doesn’t hurt that it’s extremely affordable! I also got to rock these amazing earrings from one of the coolest chicks I know Natasha Schweitzer. Natasha’s whole line was inspired by bubbles and the Double Drop Hoop Earring translates this inspiration completely. Not only are they the perfect mix of high fashion and my own personal desire to have a little bit of ghetto fabulous in me but they are the lightest weight earrings for such a statement piece.

To view both of these unique lines visit:

Sponsored Video: NIVEA’s Sun Summer Resolution Campaign


{Just some of my moody inspiration of sun, sand and surf}

As a lot of you may know, I grew up in California for most of my life. After I turned 18 I hopped on a plane and moved to Arizona for 4 years to attend ASU. Then after I graduated, I spent a brief stint back in San Francisco before I packed my bags once again to move to Australia. Point is, I’ve spent my entire life in places that are key destination spots for sun, surf, or holiday weather. While this has been a luxury I would never trade in, it comes with a risk of skin damage and dangers like skin cancer. I know that I spent YEARS in Arizona laying out by my pool with no sunscreen on. Now that I am older (and wiser) I have developed a greater desire to protect my skin when I am in the sun (you only have one face!). Since being in Australia, which has one of the strongest rays of sun in the world, I know this from the experience of painful sunburns, it has been even more important for me to put on sunscreen. As annoying as sunscreen is to put on and it’s ability to keep us from getting as bronzed as we would all really like, it’s really the only thing that has the ability to fully protect our skin from the sun!

NIVEA has created an amazing video on the coast of Australia using a ultraviolet camera. The camera allowed people to actually look deep into their skin and see what damage has occurred from over sun exposure. The video also shows just what your skin looks like with a layer of sunscreen on it, which looks actually pretty rad when you can truly see the effect sunscreen has. So, check out this video folks! AND apply lots of sunscreen to your sexy bodies, while also lending a helping hand to your boyfriends, hubbys or just some hot strangers who need a good rub down. When using NIVEA products don’t forget to check the label and use only as directed!

You can also view the whole campaign on their various media channels:




Campaign Website 

NIVEA Sun Summer Resolution Campaign 


Giveaway Template

To celebrate the relaunch of my new website I wanted to treat all my readers to a series of amazing giveaways over the next few weeks!

To enter into the first give away you have to:

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the first prize up for grabs is a $100 gift card to, one of my favourite online stores!

Good luck! Winner will be announced at the end of October, 2014.

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Grace Markham Photography Shoot + Laura Brain Videography BTS



461A6048 Katie-Eve-Whebphoto-2 Katie-Eve-Webphoto-3 Katie-Eve-Webphotos-5 Katie-Eve-Webphoto-6 Katie-Eve-Webphoto-7 Katie-Eve-Webphotos-8 Katie-Eve-Webphoto-9 Katie-Eve-Webphoto-10 Katie-Eve-Webphoto-11

Photography by Grace Markham

Ok so basically, Grace is the most amazing photographer I have ever worked with. I had so much fun with this shoot. Grace made me feel comfortable and had the sickest ideas for shoot locations. Plus she hooked me up wit her friend and colleague, Jim Jirarnuttaru, to do the gorgeous beauty looks for each outfit. He does make up for High Fashion, Weddings, and basically anything you want. I loved his work.

You can view all of Grace’s work at: 

I wanted to really play on the theme of #TheNewKatieEve by doing two completely different looks. This was to illustrate my two style personalities of Katie compared to Eve. This shoot literally and figuratively played on the second new theme of “Day” and “Night”.  I want to show my amazing readers how to take a daytime outfit and then translate that into a nighttime outfit. I know how annoying it is to be somewhere all day and want to go out but not know how to take those sometimes casual or work outfits and make them into something sexy or fun in a way that would look good out with your friends.

I am so excited for this new chapter of Katie Eve and really look forward to the long journey ahead!

Another amazing media addition to this post is the Video that the amazing Laura Brain shot of the behind the scenes of my shoot with Grace. Check it out below or you can view this on Laura’s website at:

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Bohemian Dreams

Mombasa Rose Front Photo


Mombasa Rose Crop Top 2

Mombasa Rose 3

Mombasa Rose 4

Mombasa Rose 6

Mombasa Rose 7

Mombasa Rose 8

Mombasa Rose Crop Top 1

I could start to see a glimmer of summer in the weather recently and I couldn’t think of a more perfect opportunity to rock some of the amazing new things I have purchased.
Before I started blogging I had more of a bohemian style. Even though I don’t tend to rock that look as much, I still love to dip into my past fashion inspirations from time to time. What better way to do that then with my amazing new vintage choker and these killer Stuart Weitzman gladiator sandals?
The top is another one of the amazing pieces offered by Mombasa Rose in Milton, Queensland. You can find this item and many more at
For any of you that are obsessing over this choker as much as I am, my friend Geo of Peach State sells the most amazing accessories. For this necklace and much much more check out:
I know that I have been talking about my new site for some time now. I promise you all that the launch is creeping up on us! I am so excited for you all to see it.
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Mombasa Rose

Mombasa rose front page

Mombasa Rose Jumpsuit 1 Mombasa Rose Jumpsuit 2 Mombasa Rose Jumpsuit 4 Mombasa Rose Jumpsuit 5 Mombasa Rose Jumpsuit 6

Mombasa Rose Tartan Jumpsuit (also, Here) // St. Frock Leader of The Pack Leather Jacket // Trouve Chambray Shirt (similarHere) // Wittner Topper Heels (LOVE this option) // Alexander Wang Large Marion Satchel // Gold ID Choker (similar Here)
The one thing that I love about living in Brisbane is the fact that I can continue to discover new boutiques and places to shop.
Mombasa Rose is a E-boutique based in Brisbane set on giving you the hottest trends straight to your doorstep. They recently contacted me in hopes of collaborating and I was more than happy to work with such an amazing e-boutique!
Mombasa Rose sent me this chic little tartan playsuit which I decided to style with some leather, denim, and leopard heels. I love the mixed print combination of tartan and leopard. I think it brings an outfit together with something extra special and unique. To finish this outfit off I threw on a chunky gold necklace.
Mombasa Rose will be featuring an exclusive interview with me on their blog along with some of the photos I took in their playsuit plus one other amazing piece that will be revealed next week. So head on over to their blog to check it out!
Visit Mombasa Rose’ Blog Here:
Visit Mombasa Rose’ E-Boutique Here:
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Parental Advisory

Madison Square Front Photo

Madison Square 2

Madison Square 3

Madison Square 4

Madison Square 5

Madison Square 6

So needless to say, I am obsessed with Alexander Wang. I got this amazing “parental advisory” muscle tank at 50% off which basically made it one of the better purchases I have ever made. What makes it even better is that is only one of the items I got at yet another unbelievable Calexico sale. You will be seeing my other purchases very soon.
Usually when I think of leatherette track pants, the word “comfortable” doesn’t immediately come to mind but these pants are seriously amazing. I could wear them as sweats around the house if my lounge wear took a turn for the worst. They are super chic and easy to translate from day to night.
You can purchase them from the amazing St. Frock in Sydney, Australia.
 I have been completely MIA lately and thats because my schedule and life have been beyond hectic. But I promise that it will all be worth it because the relaunch of Katie Eve is going to completely rock everyone’s world.
I have never been as proud of anything as I am of the work I have done for the relaunch of my blog. This new website is my baby and I hope that everyone will love it just as much as I do. In celebration of the relaunch of Katie Eve, I will be doing a series of give aways. Tune into my Instagram feed to find out more details about the giveaways and of course the launch date of the new Katie Eve!
Instagram: @KatieeveBlog
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ST. Frock Leader of the Pack Leather Jacket

St. Frock Leather 1 ST Frock Leather 2 St. Frock Leather 3 St. Frock Leather 4 St. Frock Leather 5 St. Frock Leather 6 St. Frock Leather St.Frock Leather 7 St.Frock Leather 8 St.Frock Leather 9



Photos by Adam Lambert
Seven Boyfriend Jeans (similar) // Three of Something Peplum Top (similar) // St. Frock Biker Jacket // Tony Bianco Heels (similar) // H&M Belt (similar)
So I am finally done with the first semester of my masters degree and boy, do I feel amazing. I have been doing nothing but working and writing papers for the last three weeks. No fun! BUT although I have been miserably writing papers for what seems like forever, I did received some goodies from my amazing friends at St. Frock in Sydney, making everything seem a little brighter. They never cease to put a smile on my face with their clothing! This biker jacket as been my go to ever since it showed up on my doorstep. The shoulder details are unreal and its PERFECT for the cold weather that has finally come to Brisbane.
Also, Meet Cornelius! He’s the new edition to my family. Cornelius is a baby English Bulldog. He loves a good cuddle and very longs naps (like 4 hours). He sleeps most of the day. I wanted to have this little pup with me in my photos cause leather jackets just look that much better with a feisty bulldog.
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Crowns By 5th and Farmer in Byron Bay

Photos by Adam Lambert
Beginning Boutique Hendrix Crop Top // Zara Trousers (similar here and here) // Crowns By 5th and Farmer Head Piece // Fringe Bag (similar here) // Lace Kimono (similar here) // SixD Jewellery // Chan Luu Bracelet 
This past week, not only did I have a week off from my Masters program at the University of Queensland, but my parents came to visit me all the way from California! I spent the week sipping champagne and dirty martinis in different beach towns along the Easy Coast of Australia. Not a bad break right?! One of my favorite places we visited was Byron Bay. Byron Bay has the most amazing vibe and its any girl’s with a love for bohemian clothing, dream location. Sticking with the town’s bohemian lifestyle and feeling some serious Coachella FOMO while scanning my Insta feed, I went full out with this festival inspired look. Believe it or not I am just sitting in front of my hotel room. I had a private villa that overlooked the rainforest around Byron Bay. You could even see the famous Cape Byron Lighthouse. It was a spectacular week and Im sad that not only my parents left but that I had to leave some of the amazing places we stayed at.
The stand out piece in this outfit post is the amazing head piece sent to me by the lovely Jessica from Crowns by 5th and Farmer. She makes the most amazing head jewellery and her brand is becoming a necessity while circuiting the music festival scene.
Make sure to visit her store on Etsy and follow her on Instagram!
Keep your eye on my Instagram feed for some of my later-grams from the trip!

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