Style has always been like a second language to me.

My love of fashion started before I can even remember. At the age of two I toddled down the catwalk in a fashion show and truthfully, I’ve never looked back.

Born and raised a California girl, I can’t help but love a comfy pair of jeans and a yummy, soft sweater for a bonfire on the beach. But my penchant for devastatingly gorgeous heels tells a much different story. I’m coastal and cosmopolitan and a million different things in between. I’ve lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Barcelona, and Brisbane and traveled to 80 different cities around the globe. Everywhere I go I take a little piece with me—the splashes of color, the architecture and the styles of people on the street.

Fashion is a form of self expression. I see it as a way to dress up what we often get used to hiding. I adore styling people and watching their eyes sparkle when they see something in themselves they didn’t dare to explore. I’m dead serious about great style, but fashion should also be fun, playful, wild and free. For me, it celebrates the many pieces of our personality, giving each one a ticket to the party.

I’m Katie Eve. I currently live in Australia with my love and my two best friends, a German Shepherd named Cheyenne, and Cornelius, an English Bulldog.

I hope my blog inspires you to  be daring, bold and bright!